Making The Most Of A Small Garden Space

Rather than looking on, enviously, at those with larger garden spaces, there are a number of techniques and design ideas that you can implement in order to make the most of the space that you have, creating the perfect garden area. Indulge in expensive materials, implement a number of focal points, and make use of every square inch in order to ensure that you have a garden that you can enjoy spending time in.

You can use a garden for relaxing, for preparing food, and even for entertaining. You can grow your own produce, introduce water and other elements, or you can combine all of these features in order to get the look that you want. Even if you only have a very small yard, you can utilise vertical space as well as horizontal, and you can use intelligently designed planters, sculptures, and other garden design ideas in order to give the best results.

Attempting to include a single, large focal point in a small garden can be disastrous. Whether you opt for a huge tree, a water fountain, or any other central focal point, it will inevitably take over the whole of the garden space, and not only is this impractical,

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Finally You Can Make Your Garden Grow Better Than Ever

What do you know about organic gardening? Do you have some gardening techniques? If you do, do you wish to improve upon them? Is what you’re using working with your organic garden or against it? If you cannot answer these questions confidently, look at the tips below to help grow a better organic garden.

To maximize your enjoyment out of your garden plant a variety of plants. The same old will get full and boring and you may out of boredom end up neglecting your garden. By planting a variety you will ensure that you remain interested and as a bonus it will be far prettier.

Take the time to know your soil. Get it analyzed. This will let you know what is in your soil and in what areas the soil may be deficient. You can then buy the missing nutrients to add into your soil which will help maximize your crops! Many local universities that have agriculture departments have the ability to test your soil for a small fee.

Controlling pests is essential to a high yield garden. There are a variety of products available on the market that will kill any invasive pest in the garden. Many organic pest controls

Starting a Shade Garden

Starting a Shade Garden

The shade garden can be exploding with color and texture. No matter how much shade is in your landscape, the right flowers, plants, bushes and bulbs will grow in this area when given a chance. As there are various types of shade, you will need to choose the plants that are ‘right’ for the type of shade you have: partial, dense, full, or filtered shade.

In starting a shade garden, one of the easiest shade gardens will be the filtered shade garden. What you need to do first is look at the trees or bushes that are making this area a filtered shade garden. Pruning off the lower branches on taller bushes and on the tree will allow additional light into your garden. Because you are planning a filtered shade garden, you do want some amount of sunlight in that garden below the tree.

Thinning out the bottom saplings that are trying to grow from the tree is needed at this time to ensure they do not grow up in your garden. Underbrush and thorny bushes should be cut down and dug up at this time before starting your shade garden.

Now you can work on the soil that is

Top Tips For A Garden Scheme That Will Take Your Breath Away

When it comes to gardening there is so much information out there that it’s hard to know where to get started. If you are interested in gardening, then you should already know the basics to getting started. If not then these tips should serve as a good place to start as well as a good place to expand on your gardening.

Make use of an old golf bag to carry your tools such as spades and rakes around your garden. You will save a lot of time and effort (and you’ll have an excuse for a new golf bag!). The bag will keep them all together, so no more lost tools either. Many golf bags even have a stand, in this case you won’t have to worry about it tipping over and causing an accident.

When deciding to take up gardening, it is important to study and know your geographical area. Some vegetation simply can’t survive a northern winter. Contrarily, some plants can’t survive a Texas summer. As such, it is important to know where you are and what the plants that you intend on growing can handle.

Don’t assume that insects are to blame for all plants ailments. There are many things

Top 10 Gardening Gifts – Perfect for Every Gardener

Looking for a gift to give the gardener in your life? Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by especially when a Birthday or Special Occasion seems to be looming just around the corner. Don’t worry though; you’ve come to the right place, here’s a list of ten inexpensive gardening gifts [] that every gardener will be delighted to receive.

Aluminium Garden Tool Set

Normally comprising of a trowel, transplanter and a cultivator (that’s the little fork shaped one), a quality garden tool set is indispensable. Useful for all sorts of gardening issues, aluminium sets are simply the best because they’re strong and don’t rust. A good tip is to try and buy a sharp edged trowel, it makes gardening just that little bit easier.

Thick Garden Kneeler

When you’re talking garden kneelers, thicker is always better, especially when they’re padded and soft. You see the amount of time you spend in the garden on your knees can have a cumulative effect on your joints, leading to aches, pains and even arthritis, so make life easier and get a kneeler.


Every gardener needs a good pruner, preferably one that doesn’t give you blisters after a hard days work. So look for comfortable and contoured handles and

Grow Backyard Garden of Herbs

As you well know herbs have been around for as long as we can remember and have been used to treat many different conditions. They have been used to treat many illnesses besides being used for cooking. Some herbs are even believed to have magical properties. Here are some ideas to grow backyard garden of herbs.

Now that you are planning to grow a herb garden in this article you will learn how to begin your own with these plans.

Grow Backyard Garden of Herbs:

Think about the type of herbs that you would like to plant. Do you want annuals, biennials, or perennials? How much space are you going to need in your backyard garden? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a program on your computer that had all the answers and information on the particular herbs you are planning to grow?

Grow Backyard Garden of Herbs:

Make a list of the herbs you choose to grow and begin a sketch of your future garden. Begin with separating the annuals from the perennials so when the time comes that you have to pull out the annuals you will not be pulling or disturbing the perennials.

It may be best to plant your herbs on

Vegetable Gardens And Beginners

Five different gardeners will give you five different reasons of having started their vegetable gardens. Some gardeners say that they have a garden because they can finding nothing more peaceful than kneeling in their garden. Other people find that is the only way they can afford to feed their large family healthy foods. Yet some people have a vegetable garden because it has ecological benefits.

It doesn’t matter why you want to grow a vegetable garden. It is an addition that will make your home look beautiful, encourage a healthy environment and save you money on your grocery bill. You may have one reason that is driving your decision to plant a vegetable garden but the good thing is that there are tons of benefits and you will get to experience each one.

There are few things as fulfilling as placing food that you grew on your family’s table to eat. Growing a garden is actually a lot of fun as well and you will learn a lot about the environment and the earth too. If you’ve been wondering about where to start with a garden then this article is for you.
The first thing you need to do is decide where

Is the Magic of Gardening Dying a Slow Death

Recently, a well-known gardener who has an outstanding gardening blog wrote a post saying that she had received an assignment to write an article for the magazine entitled Washington Home and Garden. In her post this gardener invited suggestions, comments, and ideas from her readers on topics that “they” would write about for a magazine with an “upscale suburban readership.” The following represents my comments to this post.

Congratulations. Since variety is the spice of life, I am going to write from an entirely different perspective than the views articulated by your other commenters (who, by the way, made some excellent suggestions and comments) 🙂

The Gardening Imagination

I am very concerned that certain rock solid, healthy, meaningful, productive, rewarding, and therapeutic activities such as gardening are dying a slow death. Let me explain. Right now in our country there are millions upon millions of people who have gardens. Thousands of these individuals will go out-of-state to visit other well-known gardens and countless others will go online everyday to read about gardening. These people have what I call “the gardening imagination.” These are the people who have been bitten by the “gardening bug.”

With such a vibrant gardening “base,” you may ask, where’s the

Designing With Landscape Shrubs And Bushes – Learning To Choose Them Like A Garden Designer

A professional garden designer chooses landscape shrubs and bushes in a certain way, while an inexperienced home gardener chooses them in another. The novice tends to go for plants that he or she has seen and liked in parks, gardens, and nurseries. The landscape architect or garden designer on the other hand, while taking personal preference into account, works according to a set of principles, which unlike other aspects of design, can be readily applied by the average home gardener.

To think like a professional, do not at first have specific plants in mind, but rather distinguish between the various design functions that shrubs perform in the garden, and then choose those species that fit the design criteria you have established. It’s like a manager choosing from a list of candidates, the person or persons for a certain job in the company. Certainly, subjective factors play their part, but primarily, the hirer will be looking at the objective credentials of the candidates, such as qualifications and work experience. Here then are some of the �qualifications� that your �candidates�, i.e. your shrubs, should possess before including them in the garden.

Sheared Hedges

The role of a neatly trimmed, sheared hedge is to act either

Free Tips on Organic Chemical-Free Gardening

Every year, thousand of chemicals are poured into the environment and millions of gallons of water are needlessly wasted. How? By growing plants. Sure, most of this is done by large agricultural producers, but some of it is still done in personal gardens. And that means that you can make a difference by changing your gardening practices. There are many agricultural producers who have done it, and you can use the same tricks to help your own garden, and the planet.

Pick appropriate plants. Not all plants are appropriate for the area you live in. While you might be able to control the temperature, humidity, and rain conditions inside your house, you can’t do it out in the garden. If you pick appropriate plants for your area, you may be able to avoid using fertilizers and saving on water too. Research, what plants are native to your surrounding areas and try planting them in your own garden. Wildflowers, are just that, they can pretty much be left alone and will thrive in most areas.

Pick natural repelling plants. You don’t need to rely on poisons to keep away garden ruining pests. Many plants produce chemicals that repel these animals naturally. By putting

Garden Storage – A Wise Decision To Store Additional Items

How do you organize your garden tools and chemicals? Do you left them in open at a corner of your garden or do you try to adjust the equipments and even the pesticides, insecticides that you use on the plants, inside your house? Well, storing the sharp tools and harmful chemicals inside the house is certainly not a good choice, particularly when you have small kids at your place. And leaving the equipments in an open garden is equally an unwise step. A proper way to manage the garden equipments and all additional material is to construct a Garden Storage where you can keep and lock all these items after use. It will ensure safety of equipments, safety of child and also lead to perfect space organization.

Garden storage shed is also a wise decision to accommodate the additional stuff of your kid like the bat, balls, toys, bicycle, and alike. You can construct a small store in your garden by using wood, plastic and even metals. Choice of material depends on availability of space, total budget allocated for purchase and also the maintenance needs those materials calls for. A small space can be used for single purpose of keeping the

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Gardening For Beginners

Deciding on the type of garden you wish to grow will depend on a number of factors. You will need to take all sorts of issues in to consideration when deciding on the nature of your garden. For instance, how much room do you have to create your garden? If you live in a house with a large yard and plenty of room to devote to your plants, the type of garden you grow will be very different from the garden of someone who lives in an apartment with only a window box or small balcony for their plants.

What zone do you live in? Throughout America, there are different temperate zones which will give you a guide to the type of plants that will do well in various areas. Study your zone and select plants for your area.

How much time do you have to plant the garden and devote to it? If you are planning a garden for long enjoyment and to watch grow over the years, you have plenty of time. But perhaps you are getting your house ready to sell and want to plant a new garden to enhance your chances of a good sale. If so you

7 Tips To A Successful Garden

A beautiful garden is one of the most sort after additions to any home. A beautiful garden takes many hours of dedication and hard work but can be achieved by not only gardening experts but beginners as well. One of the most important gardening tips for any avid gardener is to have good gardening advice. Below are some basic gardening tips to get you started on creating your dream garden.

Gardening Tip 1. Consider your plants health as well as your own. Ensure you keep yourself well hydrated whilst gardening. As most gardening is done in the sun, involves physical labour and is very engrossing, it is easy to work away for hours on end without noticing the time flying by. Keep drinking lots of fluids and make sure you are wearing adequate sun cream and a hat. Your garden will only suffer if you are in bed for a few days with dehydration or sun stroke. Remember, skin cancer is still one of the top killers so dress appropriately.

Gardening Tip 2. Design your garden before you start digging. Your time and energy is precious so don’t start digging holes and planting plants without having a garden design first. You may

5 Top Container Garden Tips

Having a container garden has many practical advantages. It isn’t a particularly new idea, but one that is often overlooked when it is really the best answer. Containers can be used in conjunction with a traditional gardening arrangement, or they can be the garden. This is especially useful if you are limited for space. We are all familiar with the humble window box. This is the same basic idea, but usually the idea is extended to mean pots, a box, urn or half barrel at ground level containing herbs, plants or flowers.

If you are happy with your garden as it is, then stick with it. But if you can see the advantages of having everything growing in containers, then this article may be of interest to you. There is still a lot of work to do, but because things are better contained, you tends to have better control over the entire arrangement. Gardening becomes easier in many ways and arranging it all in an attractive manner becomes easier too. With that in mind, here is 5 top container garden tips – a quick guide to container gardening, if you like.

1. The quality of the soil in your garden is of

Discover Your Motivation for Growing Garden Herbs

The reasons for growing garden herbs are as varied as the choices of herbs available. Some are motivated by having herbs to cook with right in their kitchen. Many use fragrant herb to create an aromatherapy oasis in their garden.

As the bible says, “what you sow, so shall you reap.” The same is true in your herb garden and it is also important what you put into your plants. Give these tender plants the care needed and they will deliver to you joy many times over.

The right soil-bed is critical for your plants. For best results, prepare the soil mixture from scratch to create the well-drained environment that most herbs love. Choose your garden spot and dig down about a foot, removing the dirt.

Herbs are small with shallow roots and do not require the deep space vegetables and shrubs need. Think of this like building a house, starting with the foundation. In this instance, the foundation is a layer of gravel at the bottom of the bed. This allows water to drain away from the root system.

For best results create your own soil mixture. Ideally, the soil is nutrient poor, is well-drained but yet retains enough moisture to stay damp.


Petrol Tools for Home and Garden

Take a shovel and dig out the weeds from your lawn and boundary walls. It is a convenient tool but you have to use it with your hands. If there is not much work to be done on your property then you can work with a shovel.

Everyone wants keep his home & garden neat and tidy but people find it difficult to do the ground cleaning and maintenance job with hands. Here you can take example of weeds and thistles that are capable of taking roots anywhere including on rocky surface and concrete walls. These unwanted plants have to be removed but how.

Take a shovel and dig out the weeds from your lawn and boundary walls. It is a convenient tool but you have to use it with your hands. If there is not much work to be done on your property then you can work with a shovel. But if you want to keep things simple and convenient then you should buy a brush cutter. A brush cutter is a tool that can easily uproot weeds and thistles.

Buy a handheld brush cutter that you can use in a hassle free manner. Buy a device that uses petrol and not